My approach to therapy is mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral, with a strong emphasis on Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). The primary processes of ACT are:

  • Acceptance of thoughts and feelings

  • Defusion from thoughts

  • Mindfulness

  • Finding the self behind your thoughts and feelings

  • Determining your values

  • Committing to action in service of your values 

My style is engaging and supportive. I view our relationship as a partnership. 

I am married with two children and have had two career changes. I have experienced a wide variety of life stressors and have sought help when needed. I believe that these experiences have provided me with empathy, perspective and coping skills that I can use to help you. 

For more information about ACT, read my article in Smart Woman or visit the ACT website.

​​Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


​Tanya M. Morrel, Ph.D.

​Licensed Psychologist